La Breza Tower - Mother Ignacia, Quezon City,


la breza                         Begin to Live. Right here Right now.

Your life is opening up to a world of possibilities. Your Life's work is surely building a future your mid's eye sees so clear. La Breza honors your time for business and pleasure with a high rise that lifts your spirit. Effeciently designed 22-storey condominium with condotel, residential, commercial and recreational areas. La Breza Tower is your lifetime reservation to celebrate a rewarding life in class.

Features and Amenities:
Total Lot Area 1,450

Monthly dues 50 to 60 pesos per sq.m
3 Elevetors,  2 swimming pool & Kiddie Pool
Jacuzzi, Basic Gym, Function Room
1st,  2nd,  3rd Flr. Commercial Area


3rd Flr. amenities.
110 cages for drying clothes which the

Residential unit owners can make use of.

  • Ground - 2nd Floor:
    - Commercial Areas
    - Wellness Center
  • 3rd - 7th Floor:
    - Condotel
       ο studio
       ο 1-bedroom
    - Banquet Hall
    - Function Rooms
    - Gym
    - Jacuzzi
    - Swimming Pool
  • 8th - 22nd Floor:
       ο studio
       ο 1-bedroom
       ο 3-bedroom
       ο penthouse
  • 24-hour Security
  • Lifts for guests and residents
  • Ample Parking Space

Studio Type 36.93 Floor Area  12 Floor C
Total Contract Price P 3,474,374.40
Reservation Fee  P 20,000

10% Downpayment P347,437.44  MOVE-IN
10% another 18 months to pay    P  19,302.08

80% Balance Php. 2,779,499.52
thru Bank financing 7.75% % p.a.
10 years33,356.95
20 years.22,818.26


Floor Area: 47.91sqm 14Th Floor 
Total Contract Price 4,534,202.40

10% Downpayment MOVE-IN  P453,420.24
Less 5% disct. 7days Outright Php. 22,671.01
Reservation Fee Less : P 20,000.00
Net Downpayment  Php. 410,749.23
10% another 18 mos. to pay
Php. 25,190.01

80% Balance Php. 3,627,361.92
Thru Bank Financing 7.75% p.a.
10 yrs. to pay  Php.43,532.20
20 yrs. to pay Php. 29,778.78

Floor Area 69.27  7th Flr.

Total Contract Price  Php. 6,884,174.40
10% downpayment Move-In Php. 688,417.44
Reservation Fee Less Php. 20,000.00
5% disct. less witin 7days Outright Php.  34,420.87
Net Downpayment   Php. 633,996.57
10% another 18mos. to pay no interest  Php. 38,245.41

80% Balance  Php. 5,507,339.52
Thru Bank Financing 7.75% p.a.
10years to pay Php. 66,093.93
20 years to pay  Php.  45,212.43

     STUDIO TYPE  12fLOOR FLOOR Area  35.80
     Total Contract Price  PHp. 3,368,064.00
     10% Downpayment Move-In  Php. Php. 336,806.00
     5% disct. less within 7day Outright down Php.  16,840.32
     Reservation Fee Less  Php. 20,000.00
     Net Downpayment  Php. 299,966.08
     10% another 18mos. to pay no interest  Php.  18,711.47

    80% Balance Php.  2,694,451.20
    Thru Bank Financing 7.75% p.a.
    10 years to pay  Php. 32,336.28
    20 years to pay  Php. 22,120.06


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